Scuba diving in Sardinia.

Over 25 diving spots spread across the 7 islands of the La Maddalena Archipelago and Corsica. From the first meters of depth you will observe a unique explosion of marine life and colors; the natural monuments of granite rock with suggestive shapes, make the environment unique and with exceptional levels of visibility.

The Archipelago of la Maddalena has preserved its naturalness in relation to the land as well as in ralation to the sea and represents a positive example of conservation of a coastal system that extends over more than 180 km. The Archipelago is of granitic and shaly nature and offers one of the most striking scenaries in the world because of its morphology, landscape, sea and marine biocenosis. The islands geomorphology is characterized by granic rocks which have been shaped into natural monuments by wind and water. The area offers more han 40 dive spotswhich can sitisfy the most diversified demands suitable foe experts but also for beginners. This corner of Mediterranean offers to scuba divers an explosion of life and color right from the first meter of depht. Proteus diving affers also the opportunity to dive into the marine park of Lavezzi (Corsica island) renowed for its giant groupers. Our daily program provides a 2 tank dive in the morning and a 2 tank dive or a single dive in the afternoon. The dive site is chosen in according to weather conditions and divers experience level on board.


Short distance area

Most of the points in this area are mainly characterized by being sheltered by the prevailing mistral winds, always offering optimal conditions. The underwater landscape is characterized by rock walls that offe...

Long distance

Strong currents characterize the Strait of Bocche di Bonifacio transporting great quantities of nutrient material every day, this supplyes a great deal of food to the corals and hence to the reef fish, which ar...


"Voilà la Corse!" With about 45 minutes of sailing to the north we arrive in France here "The City of Cernie" of Lavezzi is one of best dive spot of Med: friendly giant groupers will follow us during the...