Spacca delle Corvine

The spot is situated about 1 mile east from Monaci island. It is a beautiful site and consists of a granitic formation oriented in a northwest-southeast direction, cut through by two channels. We begin to descend about 10 meters' depth to follow the main channel. Looking at the blue we will easily spot schools of Barracuda that sometimes swim in a circle formation. At the corner of the channel at 27/30 meters' depth we can always find many sciaena umbra. From this point, if we have a good pressure reserve, keeping the wall to our left we go to visit the southeaster part of the area. It is renowned for the extraordinary proliferation of red gorgonians and colonies of parazoanthus that create a veritable forest. Here the current could be strong and for this reason we can admire in the blue the pelagic fauna ( tuna and jackfishes). We start to ascend but we do not miss to explore the spectacular wide split that begins at the depth of 20 meters and narrows toward the surface, becoming a smaller passage. In these recesses we will see the typical dwellers of gullies and crevices such as Scorpionfishes, moray crabs and nudibranches.