Shark Point

The name "Shark point", which is not on official maps, is used by divers to indicate a rock that looks like a shark fin. Our boat is moored between this rock and the vertical wall of Caprera coast. This dive site is characterized by 2 Canyons running parallel to the coast. Descending to 7 meters' depth, we start to explore the Canyons which are frequented by a great number of Morays, Conger and Groupers. We follow the channel until we arrive to the sandy bottom (35 meters) where we find an anchor. We move from here, swimming along the external vertical wall of the canyon recovered by yellow gorgonians. Do not miss to look into the blue as it's possible to see the passage of pelagic fauna as snappers . We continue moving to the north until we reach a pinnacle where we can find some lobster, in the holes of the rock , and nudibranch in some crevices. . After passing this pinnacle we can return shallow, crossing the last channel, at a depth of 6-10 meters to admire a relaxing and spectacular marine landscape with exceptional visibility.