Secca di Washington

This site lies in the middle of the channel that divides Spargi and Budelli islands. It is one of the most famous and interesting site of the area. The spot is wide so the dives we can take here can be varied at will, depending on various factors (weather conditions, speed and direction of the current, technical level of the divers). The most classic and complete dive will allow you to visit the deeper zone and many granitic pinnacles. The dive begins at 7 meters' depth on a large balcony over the blue. We circumnavigate the main rock until we will reach a small passage full of red gorgonians on its walls. Keeping the wall to our left, we go to visit an area rich in crevices and caves. A varied fauna have colonized this part as groupers, multicoloured sponges, and corals. The overall effect is a magnificent enviroment that is unique in its kind. Continue along the wall until reach some pinnacles populated by morays and groupers. We can often meet here schools of barracuda. The dive usually ends, after we have finished exploring this area, but if we still have some air left we can enter an extremely beautiful passage that has a large fissure through which light filter from this opening we can exit, to find the mooring point of our boat.