Secca di Spargiottello

We are in the west side of Spargi island about 5 hundred meters from its coast. Diving begins from the boat moored on the top of underwater rock at 6 meters' depth. We descend onto a sandy plateau ( at about 15-20 meters) that is bordered on a series of stones populated by sciaena, we swim keeping the wall to our left to visit the peak of a rock to observe a school of barracuda. After passing this point, we go to explore westward the numerous gullies by crossing a narrow passageway between two granitic formations inhabited by groupers, morays and recovered by yellow gorgonian. For the Advanced divers there is the opportunity to visit the deeper part of the dive (about 30-35 meters) to observe the pinnacles recovered by red gorgonian. From this point we begins to ascent going back the main rock . Here, keeping the wall on our right we visit some crevices rich in parazoanthus and nudibranchias.