Secca di Maestrale

This dive site is situated in the open water to the north-west of Monaci island. The spot consists on a big underwater granitic formation. After descending for about 12 meters we can find the top of the rock. Here it is possible to find a lot of crevices populated by crabs, sponges and fishes. After passing this point, we swim to the north direction where we will see the drop-off. We explore the wall on our right which is rich in red gorgonians, shelters and caves swarming with corals as yellow gorgonians and parazoanthus. On the bottom we find a lot of rocks of different size populated by groupers and morays. Continuing along the bottom we enter an extremely small cave (situated at a depth of about 27 meters) that has a large fissure through which light filters. From this opening we can exit to begin the ascend following the rock profile . If we see in the blue it is to observe the big school of Diplodus.