La Sella

The dive spot is situated to the east of Caprera island, not far from Shark Point . This beautiful site consists in a granitic formation separated by a valley of rocks. It can be considered a quite difficult site because of its average depth and current. We often start the dive from the top of the rock, situated at 12 meters, according to the currents is possible to explore in many ways the area. Only for deep divers is possible to visit the deepest point at 40 meters situated to the east; the wall, here, has been colonized by red gorgonians. Going on with the dive we find yellow gorgonians at about 30 meters. The western side is characterized by the presence of stones where we find morays and conger. By keeping the wall to our left and ascending for 10 meters, we will reach the depression to explore the crevices and caves populated by groupers and sciaena umbra and recovered by parazoanthus.