La Secca di S.Francesco

The dive spot consists on an under water rock (not so big). The area where is situated this dive site is sheltered from winds and waves. The dive begins swimming on the top of the rock (about 6 meters) keeping the wall on our right we start the descent swimming around it. Since the beginning it is possible to admire a quite landscape recovered by multicoloured sponges and colonies of parazoanthus. At about 12 meters we can admire some lobster and groupers, they hide into the rock holes. We go on with the dive continuing to swim along the east- south wall of the rock . At the depth of 27 meters we find some pinnacles not far from the main wall , it's easy to meet some conger and morays into the crevices and a lot of nudibranch on the rocks around. According to sea conditions we can observe pelagic fauna as snapper. the deepest part of the dive it is at a depth of 30-35 meters.