La Città delle Cernie

The City of Grouper is the most famous and popular diving site in the Mediterranean Sea for the extraordinary abundance of pelagic fauna. This dive point is situated in the French Marine Park of Lavezzi. We are in the open water, about 1 mile far from the eastern side of Lavezzi island. There are some large orange underwater buoys at 5 meters depth where we can moor our boat. The dive site consists on a big rock underwater. The highest part is situated at a depth of 17 meters. We begin to descend along the mooring chain because it's easy to find strong currents. During the dive we will be escorted by many groupers of different size. As they have been fed (until few years ago), now they will just follow us waiting for some food (it is not allowed to feed them anymore). After exploring this area - If there are good conditions (especially when the current is not strong) –we may swim in the blue for few minutes at south direction to visit an other rock recognizable by the unmistakeable profile of some red gorgonians. Here we have the opportunity to admire some giant Morays that dwell in the gorges of the rock