Il Pilastrino

The dive spot is situated to the south-west of La Maddalena Island, it is marked by a pillar which points out the danger of the underwater rocks. The dives runs along a big granitic formation which rises up from the sandy bottom (about 18metrs). It offers an interesting underwater landscape, even if sometimes visibility may be limited, here, more than ever , we can meet eagle ray swimming along the bottom, this dive offers a wide variety of flora and fauna. During the dive we follow the main rock keeping the wall to our right. We can observe little colonies of yellow gorgonians , sponges and soft coral. Swimming through shoals of diplodus, we leave the main wall, and we cross a sandy channel to go to visit a small rocky formation, where we find some beautiful red gorgonians (at 30 meters' depth) octopus and torpedo ray. We swim around these rocks, then we come back toward the main wall to start to ascend. This dive allows us to observe many species of coral, and a wide rage of reef fauna.