Calamaro Point

This site is immediately situated to the northwest of Shark point. Here is possible to find a strong current from north . The dive runs around a big underwater rock situated parallel to the coast of Caprera. Our Boat is usually moored on the top of the rock at 7 meters' depth. Keeping the wall to our right we start to descend. Swimming along the wall we will observe since the beginning a great variety of fauna as scorpionfishes, octopus hiding behind the rocks and barracuda shoal into the blue. Descending along the wall at 28-30 meters we will see some lovely yellow gorgonians, it is good idea to go up to about 20 meters' depth to investigate the south-east area of the site, which is full of life ( groupers, anthias, morays). If the current is not so strong we can visit the western side of the rock otherwise we can begin resurfacing skirting the rocky wall until we will be close to the boat.