Cala Inglese

The dive spot is wide and fans out in northwesterly direction. After mooring the boat into a sheltered bay, we begin the dive. We find some Canyons, at different depth, that run parallel to the coast. Crossing these Canyons we can make different itinerary. According to the period ( swimming into the blue) , it is possible to observe the schools of Barracuda and if we are lucky the Eagle rays. Usually we go to visit the deepest part first (30-35 meters), where it's possible to observe some groupers and sciaena umbra. Swimming back to the boat we go to explore the highest part of the dive spot (about 12 meters ), here it's possible to find a lot of octopus and small sea anemones. It is a easy diving in a sheltered spot, with mixed reef and pelagic fauna. Suitable for all diving levels.