Snorkeling Tour

Snorkeling Tour

Snorkeling tour

The Snorkeling excursion will give you the opportunity to observe the marine life which lives in the shollower waters of the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park.  Proteus Diving Center Baja Sardinia will provide you all gear you might need,  if you do not have your own, as fins, mask, snorkel, wetsuit, signal buoy and also a life jacket (if you think it could be necessary to have better buoyancy). You will try all the equipment just before to get on the boat (an eight-and-a-half meter rubber boat powered by a 300 hp Suzuki outboard).
 The Snorkeling tour lasts about three hours and a half  and includes a stop at two different sites along the coast of Caprera Island. This Island is situated eastern than the other six islands in the National Park. Proteus Diving has chosen the island of Caprera as destination of  our snorkelling tour, because it is the one that offers best conditions to satisfy all your necessities.

Caprera offers:
a) Many sandy bays (as Cala Coticcio -also called Tahiti-, the wreck beach, Cala Brigantino) and wild rocky bays which still conserve their natural environment  along the east side of the island.
b) beautiful bays, situated to the west, in the strait that divides Caprera island from La Maddalena  island (as Cala Garibaldi, Cala Napolitana) and a lagoon area called the Giardinelli belonging with its crystal clear waters to La Maddalena island

c) Another snorkeling destination in Caprera  is Porto Palma. It’s a very large bay to the south of the island. Here, it is possible to observe, during navigation, the remains of the military fort of the II World War located at Punta Rossa. When the excursion is in the afternoon,is possible to see a lot  of small sailing boats training with the famous sailing school of Caprera.  In the middle of the large bay of Porto Palma there is a small island called Isola del Porco (nesting site of the herring gull (Laurus argentatus) and military site of the World War. All around the island is really nice to snorkel in fact, thanks to its shallow waters,  it is sometimes possible to touch the bottom with fins and relax in small dreamy lagoons. Here it is easy to observe hidden specimens of octopus (octopus vulgaris), shoals of sea bream (diplodus annularis), occhiate (oblata melanura) and castagnole (chromis chromis) near the underwater rocks. You will surely see among the expanses of Posidonia (Posidonia oceanica) huge triangular shells with a brownish outer and reddish and pearl colour, these bivalves belong to the Pinna Nobilis species, considered a great risk of extinction for fishing and habitat reduction.

d) Different habitats can be found swimming in the  clear waters of the island of Monaci.  Situated about 1km to the east of the island of Caprera, this rocky islands marked by the presence of the lighthouse on the southern tip, are a truly unique place. Its position, completely in the middle of the sea and the characteristic rocky conformation of the seabed, makes it the ideal habitat for the observation of moray eels (murena helena), colorful damsels (Coris Julis and thalassoma pavo) and very colorful sponges, not to mention the banks of salpe (sarpa salpa) with which we will often swim together.
As I told you before, the east coast of Caprera has in the central-northern part many little rocky bays where you can stop for snorkeling. These are ideal places to admire, through the glass of your mask, many starfish and colorful anemones. In the less crowded months if you stop near Cala Coticcio (the Tahiti lagoon), you will be able to snorkel surrounded by hundreds of glances (oblata melanura) that are used to surround our boat. Here, even the youngest or non-expert swimmers, will be able to observe many fish without going too far from the entry point.

Obviously all these places mentioned above cannot be seen during the same excursion, in fact Proteus Diving reserves the right of proposing the best tour available in according on the weather conditions (swell) and  needs of the excursion participants. During the stops, snacks and drinks (tea and water),  will be offered to guests on board. You just need to bring your towel! Cameras, mobile phones and other small objects can be stored in the boxes situated on the boat. Our staff will be pleased to show you with maps and nature guides the place where we will go, the marine species that you will observe and the techniques of entering and getting out from the water.

Well! Now all you have to do, is book your snorkelling excursion in the magnificent waters of the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park with Proteus diving in Baja Sardinia.

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