PADI - PSS Scuba Diver Course

PADI - PSS Scuba Diver Course


We will try to explain in what consist  the participation to the PADI or PSS SCUBA DIVER COURSE and obtaining this CERTIFICATION.

a) Once  course requirements will be satisfied, the Instructor / Diving Center will register your dates to the diving Agency (PADI or PSS). The International certification you will attain enables you to dive everywhere accompanied by an Instructor to maximum depth of 12 meters (40 feet)

b) Sometimes a medical contraindications involving a pathology that cause problems during a dive; for this reason it is important to have a medical examination valid to practice scuba diving. If you have no the possibility to do it, you could fill a medical statement (a list of medical questions to check if there is some contraindications) directly to the Diving Center. If everything will be fine, you are ready to start your Open Water Course.

 c)  At what age can you start a Scuba diver PADI or Scuba diver PSS course? In this case it depends on which Educational Agency you are referring to; following PADI standards this course can start from 10 years old (your licence will be JUNIOR Scuba Diver), while for the PSS standards the minimum age is 12 years old (your certication will be Junior Scuba diver). Starting from 15 years old or older you will be not Junior.

d)  Many potential divers don’t sign up for a  diving course because they believe that they are not good swimmers. Don’t be worried! Certainly a good aquaticity will help you a lot during the course,for this reason the instuctor will ask you to pass two acquatic skills before the course is completed ( survival swimming floating for 5 minutes and swimming for 200 meters) 

e)  What kind of equipment do you need to start a Scuba diver PADI or Scuba diver PSS course? Simple, you will only need your beachwear and towel! The rest  of the gear is provided by our diving center for the whole lasting of the course ( wetsuit, mask, fins, regulators, Jacket and cylinders ect.ect.)

f) Program and requirements to be satisfied to obtain the  Scuba diver PADI or Scuba diver PSS course:

1.CONFINED WATER DIVES:  sessions of diving to involve pratical exercise. Your instructor will help you to learn and master the techniques, with maximum tranquillity and safety, in to a shallow and protected  bay. These practical skills are relating to:
  • Approaching Scuba (as assembling and disassembling scuba equipment)
  • Controlling buoyancy (as  breathing controller of your lungs)
  • Problems solving (as clearing a flooded mask)
  • Emergency  technique (as emergency ascent)
2.OPEN WATER DIVES: to complete the PADI or PSS Open Water diver course, you must complete at least 2 open water dives. Dives will be done by the boat so you will also have the opportunity to know how to move on a boat equipped for  this activity. You can reach the maximum depth of 12 meters (40 feet). You will go to dive in  La Maddalena National Park dive spots or some bay near by Baja Sardinia so   you will have the opportunity to observe a varied and abundant marine fauna.
3.THEORY: you will also have to learn some theoretical knowledge concerning scuba diving world: Physics -as pressure and volume-, Physiology , Safety of the dive, Underwater enviroment and Diving equipment. Through tests,  the Proteus Instructor will have the possibility to verify that  argoments treated have been assimilated by you in a satisfactory way.
There are two methods of studing:
  • classic method: consists in following some theoretical lessons with the instructor. Video supports or digital slides will be used for better learning. The instructor will verify your actual learning process by tests.
  • Elearning system: manuals, quizzes, training videos and the possibility of interacting with the instructor are all available to student so you can study and prepare for the word of diving at any time and wherever you are.  You will need to meet with the instructor only to take corrective lessons and talk with him about diving experiences related to the theory you already learned.  Read More.
g) How much time should be spent to complete the PADI or PSS Scuba Diver course? You will need at least 2 half days to do the practical part. For the theory, following the classic method, you need at least 3/4 hours. If you are using the e-learning method, you need  about three hours to complete corrective lessons and final exam. You remember, if you have already attended the PADI Discover Scuba Diving program (one year ago) or the PSS Scuba Experience (six monthes) with Proteus diving, you will have already taken three exercises in confined water and the first open water dive, so you will have to spend only another half a day to complete the practical part, while for the theoretical part you will need the same time.

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