If you are curious  to try the sensation of breathing underwater, if you want to see fish, corals and sponges in their natural environment; if you want to try the feeling of flying underwater then the PADI Discover Scuba Diving or PSS Scuba Experience are  the right experience for you. During this activity you will be assisted by a Proteus Diving Instructor who will explain to you how to use diving equipment, what are the basic signals to communicate underwater, breathing and compensation techniques (necessary to avoid ear discomfort). You will have the opportunity to dive at a maximum of 12 meters. The dive  will be done in safe conditions, in a sheltered and wondeful bay of our dive Area. Proteus Diving will choose the best spot in according on your necessity and in according to the weather and sea conditions. To access to the PADI Discover Scuba Diving program you must be at least 10 years old, while to participate in the PSS Scuba Experience you must be 12 years of age. (if you younger than 18y.o. you will have to register with a parent’s autorization).  You must be in good physical conditions. The Proteus Diving offers you the possibility to start the Discover scuba diving PADI or Scuba experience PSS program during your holiday in Sardinia with two alternative solutions of the open water dive: you can choose to dive from the shore or from the boat. You will have the oppotunity to dive in one spot of the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park or if you prefer in a beautiful bay located near Baja Sardinia.  Once you will get registered at our office and filled out a medical statement where you will answer a medical questionnaire, we will plan together  the practical part of the program. How much of your time will you need to complete the full program? To complete the Discover scuba diving PADI or th Scuba Experience PSS will be necessary one half day (morning or afternoon). About one hour and half for theory session and 3 hours for dive (briefing and execises and dive). If you decide to attend the PSS Scuba experience program, Proteus diving will give you the opportunity to access to the digital educational material (elearning) in your language it could be activated in advanced also..... (read more)... you can access the the manual, video and test, directly from your phone, tablet or PC ……Well! Together with your instructor, you will learn how to prepare diving equipment. You will know what you will have to do underwater, the signals to communicate and the marine life you will be able to observe. Before starting the dive you will have the opportunity to become familiar with the equipment and breathing on the surface, once you feel comfortable you can start to descent assisted by the instructor. During the dive:  at the beginning we will remain in shallow waters (depth between one meter and five meters) so you will have the opportunity to try to swim and breathe, you will also start using your BCD (buoyancy controller device) and finally you will try to do some skills in front of your instructor (after having seen them from him - no more than two meters deep): emptying and recovery of the regulator, partial emptying of the mask from the water and breathing from your Instructor's emergency air source. Once everithing’s done, we are ready to go and explore the fantastic world around you! Respecting the buddy  system, you can gradually swim deep to reach a maximum of 12 meters depth. The sensation of breathing underwater for such a long time is amazing, interacting and observing an octopus, a moray eel so close, seeing a crab move along with the shell in which it lives, being surprised by how many colorful colors sponges and corals are made of that surround you is a truly unique experience. It is also so beatiful  to see the various plays of light that are created in these clear waters of Sardinia. The dive will last, depending on your consumption, 30 or 40 minutes and you will always have the opportunity to re-emerge (warning the Instructor) if you shoulde need. Compatibly with your security management, the instructor or you will have the possibility to take some photos or make videos to have a further memory of the lived experience. So you will heve the opportunity to share your experience and your emotions with the resto f yor family  or a friend. You remember that  Scuba Experience PSS or Discover Scuba Diving PADI are not courses, but an introduction to scuba diving. At the end of which a certificate of participation is issued you. This has no qualifying value to dive for ever. However, if you enjoyed the experience, you can continue directly with the PSS Scuba Diver  Course or PADI Scuba Diver Course.

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