The magician of disguises.
Very common in the Mediterranean Sea, the octopus Vulgaris  is a dweller of rocky seabeds of the National Marine Park Archipelago  di La Maddalena, all splits of the rocks and small ravines are an ideal place to hide for the octopus. He can live from few meters dept,  up to 100 m. The octopus vulgaris, can reach  several kilos of weight, its body consists of a very large head with two protruding eyes. Sideway on the head are situated  gill membranes  and a siphon that serves to expel water and as a water jet, allows it to move quickly.  Attached directly to the head there are 8 tentacles equipped with two rows of suckers each. Tentacles  surround the mouth, consisting of a conical beak. The octopus manages to blend perfectly with the surrounding environment. Their hiding places can be recognized by the presence nearby  of small shells, small pebbles on the seabed. Without a skeleton they produce a black liquid with a gland, which they use to expel when they feel threatened, to confuse the aggressors.
It 'a purely nocturnal animal, during the day if you move it does so very quickly, also its excellent ability to mimicry make it an animal not really easy to see.

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