Maybe are  bright colors or  their stange  forms, but  I have no doubt when I say  that  these two nudibranches : the Flabellina and the Cratena, are the object of desire of every diver with  Uw camera. Who has never tried to photograph them this fascinating “top model”?
Very common in the depths of the La Maddalena archipelago, we can easily see the Flabellina, often together with "colleague" the Cratena, in all our dive sites. Their bright purple colors, in sharp contrast with the background color make them easily identifiable.

We can find them starting from a few meters of depth up to 30, with a maximum length of about  4 centimeters, they do not have their gills, they breathe through the skin, they feed on Eudendrium hydrozoans (found on rocky seabed their coloniens looks like twigs) they assimilate and retain the poisonous cells, which are used  for self defense from other predators. During the reproduction period it is possible to see their eggs having the same bright color and got a thin and twisted long form.


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