Dolphin: an unexpected meeting

Dolphin: an unexpected meeting


May 2017,

we are off the Monaci Island, underwater we were three divers (including me as dive guide). The dive spot we were exploring consists of two granite walls covered by red gorgonians (paramuricea clavata) and yellow gorgonians (eunicella cavolini). After visiting the deepest part of the channel between 2 rock formations we rised up to explore for the summit to the north of the canyon, when from a distance of about 20 meters I saw something swimming towards us. It was strange form of aquatic life never seen before while diving.... I thad a torpedo shape and swam in a sinuous way, showing stage streaks on its back, so that I thought it should be a turtle's carapace.... Definetely too starnge as I never saw any turtle in this corner of Med sea.
However I decided to catch the attention of the divers behind me as fast as possible and instinctively I screamed in the regulator but unfortunately they didnt listen as were intent on observing a something else on a rock and did not pay attention to my “call”. I decided to turn around to get a better view of that strange creature, which in the meantime continued to swim to my direction. After few seconds it get surprised to meet me. Suddenly the animal stopped swimming and straightening its body vertically.Perhaps that sound generated by my calling had caught it  totally unprepared. My sight met its and it was then that I recognized the unmistakable physiognomy of a Dolphin. its face expressed a mixture of amazement and smile, it had a completely different expression from what every fish can have. We both belong to the same class in the animal kingdom, that of the mammals (Mammalia) and the similarities that go beyond organs or bony formations there will be, I thought ...... Its expression was the impact that I will never forget!
Everything happended in few minutes in fact, the cetacean immediately changed direction, swimming it crossed the canyon to get away from us.
Just then I was able to evaluate the considerable size that the sample reached (I think at least 3 meters / 3 meters and a half). The strength in swimming combined with the effectiveness of his movement allowed him to move away in the blue in quickly ...... .. Wonderful ...... Spectacular ......... I swam toward other divers but unfortunately , they could not enjoy all this experience .... Give them the sign of the dolphin but in vain ... .. Meanwhile air from the tank and the computer told us that it was time to start the ascent,  we headed towards the top of the anchor. Once back to the diving center I went to check on the manuals which species the dolphin it could belong to. I report the words of Rupel Riedl's Fauna and Flora of the Mediterranean guide: GRAMPO GRIGIO (Grampus griseus) crushed head; lower jaw short. Pointed dorsal fin ....... Length up to 4 meters. The skin often shows long scars (probably it is wounds inflicted by cuttlefish). Back of light gray-dark gray, light belly. He lives on the high seas. Cosmopolitan, in the Mediterranean it is present as a casual guest, meets in small flocks or solitary. (French Dauphin de Risso, English Rissos Dolphin, Spanish Delfin de Risso, German Rundkopf-Delphin). Evaluate if this description can approach the species of dolphin observed by me. It is and will probably be my best encounter under water. Thanks again to you Mare Nostrum !!!!


Another meeting... on the way to go diving in the National park of La Maddalena...

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