Arcipelago di La Maddalena

Diving in Mortoriotto: The two cars

Mortoriotto is a little islands which consists of two rocks that emerge from the seabed to rise up to about 10 meters above sea level situated to the east of the island of Mortorio. Mortoriotto is part of the L...


The city of Groupers: Lavezzi

One mile east of the island of Lavezzi, in the middle of Bocche di Bonifacio strait (the sea channel which  divides Sardinia from Corsica), we find a diving spot named: the  City of Groupers and known...

Snorkeling tour

Snorkeling Tour

The Snorkeling excursion will give you the opportunity to observe the marine life which lives in the shollower waters of the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park.  Proteus Diving Center Baja Sardinia wil...


PADI - PSS Scuba Diver Course

We will try to explain in what consist  the participation to the PADI or PSS SCUBA DIVER COURSE and obtaining this CERTIFICATION. a) Once  course requirements will be satisfied, th...


E-learning system

For e-learning we mean all processes of teaching and learning at  distance by the web. In the last few years, more and more people are using e-learning systems, for studing for all levels of school and no...


Open Water Diver Course

We will try to explain in what consist  the participation to the OPEN WATER COURSE and obtaining   your CERTIFICATION. a) Once  course requirements will be satisfied, the Instructor / D...


Dolphin: an unexpected meeting

May 2017, we are off the Monaci Island, underwater we were three divers (including me as dive guide). The dive spot we were exploring consists of two granite walls covered by red gorgonians (paramuricea clava...


Baja Sardinia

Baia Sardinia is a place that is located to the north eastern part of the Gulf of Arzachena, about 30 km from Olbia. Located at the edge of one of the most famous and exclusive international tourism destination...


Angelika wreck

This dive does not exceed 18 meters, and it got all the charm that each wreck got. In fact the Angelika Wreck is undoubtedly one of the most popular diving point we got. Built in 1967 and owned by a Greek ...


Porto Cervo

Situated not far from Baja Sardinia, in the hearth of Costa Smeralda there is a small village, main reference for luxury holidays: Porto Cervo. Built during 60s, it was born from the vision of Prince Karim Aga ...



The magician of disguises.Very common in the Mediterranean Sea, the octopus Vulgaris  is a dweller of rocky seabeds of the National Marine Park Archipelago  di La Maddalena, all splits of the rocks an...



Maybe are  bright colors or  their stange  forms, but  I have no doubt when I say  that  these two nudibranches : the Flabellina and the Cratena, are the object of desire of every ...


Yacht Service

PROTEUS DIVING gives the opportunity to book an exclusive scuba diving service. The service is aimed at to those are sailing with their own boat in the area and would like also to dive. You can have the opportu...

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